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We mainly sell quality pre-owned pianos including Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Young Chang, Seiler, Knabe, Hallet Davis, and many different brands of beginner pianos

About Our Selection

In order for one to truly appreciate our large selection of new and used pianos, you are encouraged to come to our show room to select the piano that is right for you. Our inventory changes daily. Below is just a sample of some of the pianos we have in our show room currently. If you are looking for any type of piano or have any questions, please contact us.

* All Piano’s are sold with a Limited warranty.

Contact Information

Gary T Hardy RPT
Member of the Piano Guild
Home Office: (713) 528-7989
Warehouse: (713) 694-9959
E-mail: sales@hardypiano.com

New Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

Special of the year New Yamaha 9′ Concert Grand  – Never been Played.  Call for asking price.    

Food for Thought

When buying a piano, it is important to know where it is made. In Asia, the better quality pianos are made in Japan. Most of the older American piano factories were forced out of business over the years by the foreign markets, which are now producing lower quality pianos, some with the original American piano names on them. This can be rather deceptive to a naive buyer. We do sell some of the better lower quality pianos, but inform the buyer what they are and where they are made. Some people just want a more economical nice looking piano for occasional use. If you want some real advise on buying a quality performance piano, call me or most any experienced piano technician. We tune all kinds. All I am giving you is a thumb-nail sketch of the piano market. If you want to dig deeper into the market, I would recommend THE PIANO BOOK by Larry Fine.

Good name brand pre-owned pianos such as we sell are usually a better investment, more trouble free, plus will stay tuned better than most of the new pianos being sold today. Many of the un-familiar brand new pianos sold today are virtually worthless on the resale market if per chance you later needed to sell them. In my opinion, most are not made of aged quality materials as many of the more quality American and Japanese pianos are. For instance, a piano soundboard should be aged 40 – 50 years before it is fitted into the piano. The quality of the soundboard and bridges constitute the quality of sound produced. Quality parts and materiel along with proper regulation of the key-action can make the piano play smoother, and more enjoyable in performing.

Gary T Hardy, RPT

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