About Our Business

Don’t expect a fancy store in a prime location with a lot of sales personal. We focus on complete piano service, sales, restoration, refinishing, and tuning

Service Guarantee

Pianos are all sold with a certified warranty similar to a factory warranty, if you let us tune and service them yearly. We do honor the service and tuning of any local registered piano tuner (RPT). We deliver all pianos we sell with check out and tuning at the time of delivery.

Our Business History

A family owned and operated business which my grandfather on my Mother’s side started in the 1920’S in central Texas. His name was TE Davis. Two faded photos are shown here. He had such a hard time during the great depression, he would tune pianos bordering for food, gas or whatever he could get to take care of his family. Deeper into the depression they simply starved out and were able to move to Houston. They lost their home in Brady Texas with only a $300.00 balance. In Houston he was able to get a job with Thomas Goggin’s piano Co., a business that lasted 100 years. Later he was able to start his own piano business in Houston. My mother use to work for him, taking me with her when I was very young. I took screws out of piano actions beginning at 6 years old. My father, Harvey Hardy later picked up on the business when I was 12. My Uncle Barney Hardy also learned the pianos business in working for my grandfather and later became president of the piano tuners guild here in Houston.